Oplus R&D team takes "improving customer e-cigarette sales" as its mission, and continues to develop and accurately provide e-liquid products that truly meet market needs. Oplus R&D team has a number of organic chemistry, pharmacy doctors and masters, and the first batch of senior flavorists, application engineers and professional flavor tasters in the e-liquid industry. They seek inspiration from life, select raw materials, enthusiastically research and develop, and create ingenuity. Interpret the fragrance story with a quality aroma. One-to-one customized flavors to meet diverse and individual needs, and bring a wonderful experience that fits the body and mind.

Oplus has now developed more than 100000 flavor formulas so far, and more than 400 flavors have passed EU TPD certification. Among them, many hot sale flavors are popular in the global mainstream market. In 2015, it became the world's first e-liquid company to develop nicotine salt tech, from 2019 to 2021, Oplus has achieved great accomplishments through dedicated technical research on small cigarette flavors, successfully cooperated with many brands in the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East market and received unanimous praise from consumer.

People in different regions have different customs and food cultures, as well as different taste needs and preferences for e-liquid. In order to create truly popular products and create greater value for customers, Oplus has always paid attention to understanding the needs and preferences of target consumers for e-liquid flavors. Oplus consumer insights team uses life itself as the background, through immersive market visits and perceptions, and strives to explore the relationship between different regional climates, food cultures, and e-liquid taste preferences, and then builds mainstream markets based on data analysis consumers’ "e-liquid taste preference model" to promote product innovation and find solutions that meet the actual needs of consumers.